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Organoid morphogenesis in a microfluidic chip

Group: Bausch

Participants: Eric Waschkau, Samuel Randriamanantsoa, Marion Raich, Andreas Bausch

Date: Nov 2020

We form a three-dimensional scaffold in high concentrated collagen to mimic the ductal structure of a pancreas and induce ​pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) cells to form an epithellal organoid through selforganization. The scaffold guided growth of stem cells allows the formation of a perfusable duct which can be connected to a microfluidic system. This is realized in form of a PDMS microfluidic chip in which the collagen gets inserted and the structure can be constructed by tissue engineering with a laserdissection device. A regular perfusion of the organoid allows sufficient supply with growth factors and removes non adherent and dead cells. This provides a homeostatic enviroment and allows for longer lifespans compared to conventional organoids.

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