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Protein Assemblies

Group: Groll

Date: 2021

Research at the Department of Biochemistry focuses on combining biological, chemical, structural and analytical methods to elucidate principles in cell biology and protein chemistry. The multidisciplinary approach of our projects includes techniques such as (A) yeast and human cell culture growth, (B) protein purification, (C) crystallization, (D) diffraction data collection, (E) data evaluation, (F) model building and refinement, (G) structure-guided drug design, (H) chemical synthesis, (I) structural and functional analysis of identified ligands in complex with the respective enzymes.​


The dissection of the relation between structure and function is a powerful tool for the elucidation of catalytic mechanisms of enzymes, binding modes of interaction partners, the dynamics of a protein and the self-assembly of oligomeric complexes.

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